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About Bolton foundation

Bolton foundation is one of the charitable non-profit organizations that is working on a private and public partnership model.

 The organization is advancing  with its aims to provide support and opportunities  to students with the help of numerous participants on board. Giving them an ultimate chance to prove themselves with the upcoming opportunities, we are letting students have a different say in the world.

Our team is not sticking to one charity or project but handing other chapters globally with the help of volunteers, donors and sponsors.

 Bolton foundation is all about growing in a direction of prosperity and making a difference in the society with those who need it.
Around the world many people and business gains are making charities, donations and sponsorships. They are motivated to step forward with the best of resources for the well being of humanity. But, things turned out as a failure due to management.
These donors do not have the idea about where to and how to do charities in the welfare . A weak charity program causes them to waste the resources and not benefit as many people as they could.

We help to save resources.

At Bolton foundation , we are helping charities and companies to evaluate the projects. Since they cannot do it due to their busy schedule, we are there to help them with it. following the possible options of charities and welfare projects we suggest them to utilize their funds in the right places.

Our motive is to provide  them with a list of trustworthy and effective charities that are working and growing  rapidly around the globe. It not only helps the sponsors to participate in the well being but satisfies them with all their efforts. Eventually they are able to observe the outcomes of their contributions to the industry.

How are we helping charities?

Bolton foundation is not only working for the people who want to be in the  charities as donors. We have a vision of providing support to the charities working out there. Similar to donors, many charities and organizations face issues of finding potential donors or sponsorship. Lack of funds brings them a loss in many terms. They are unable to progress with the projects or support the  deserving candidates. Being a foundation for the charities, we are helping these organizations to connect to the sponsors. It turns out to give them some handful of data regarding sponsors who can donate to them and support their projects. Our data reduces the efforts charities have to make when looking for the right sponsors.

What makes our data beneficial?

At Bolton foundation, we are on solid and persistent data streams. We understand that many lives and decisions are backed by the data we provide. So, we make sure to keep it smart, to the point and appealing.

Being a responsible organization, we do not compromise on the essentials of sponsor and charity listing.

In Depth Research

At Bolton, we are serious about our data. It is the reason we have a perfect and balanced system of research for the sponsors and charities. We do not only focus on the basic data grabbing but get into depth of verification. After going through all the details and verifying them we conclude and categorize the data in our research. It turns out as a reliable practice to ensure quality results for both parties we are serving.

Certified Cases

Charities and donations are crucial and sensitive at the same time. If anyone donate or sponsor then it should reach the right outcomes. No one wants to sponsor blindly. There has to be facts and assurance.
Being one of the charitable non-profit organizations, we are sensitive about the cases. So, we come up with certified cases with genuine background. It turns out to be an assurance that you can rely on each proposal. In fact, there are verification proofs that we offer you in a longer run.

Organized as per filters

Connecting the right sponsor to the right charity is essential and crucial. Most of the time charities are unaware of possible and potential sponsors they should approach. Similarly, the sponsors on the other hand are unaware of the appropriate charities they can reach out to.
We put such filters and categories to our data forms that help to connect them right. We look at the profiles of donors and organizations, then filter the results accordingly. It turns out to be beneficial for both parties and makes the job simple.

Fits the market need

We are bridging the gap in the market among the people who need support. By providing efficient data we prefer to make it fit with the market need. Our data is more about letting the stakeholders access ease. It helps to connect the people of same interest with each other by eliminating the factor of confusion.

Blockchain is making difference in donations

All the donors want to be a step ahead when it comes to donations and participating in charities. The secured and safer charities are essential to achieve the ultimate outcomes. so, we are offering the ultimate solution.
Blockchain strategy is helping to make a difference in the situation. All the donations and charities we accept or route on the behalf of different campaigns and organizations are backed by blockchain. It provides complete security to the charities in order to receive payments. on the other hand, for the donors, it is a safer option than bank or wire transfers. since there is no track back for the transactions. at Bolton we are introducing these smart solutions for you to enhance your overall productivity.

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Get the smart solutions for charity Now!

Just like everything else, charity and social work requires an upgrade. With the frequent modifications in our lifestyle and economic order we need to adopt modification in social service as well. At Bolton foundation we are offering you the options and assistance with flexible options to improve charity and donation collection for your projects. 

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